The Guilford Novice Tournament is one of the biggest and best run fencing tournaments in the State of CT and every year it brings together novice fencers for a day of fun, learning, and a first taste of competition. It is also one of our teams biggest fund raisers for the team. All the money raised goes back to the athletes on the team.

The tournaments success depends on the generous donations of time and materials by the many volunteers associated with the booster club. In other words, you. For all your help, each and every year we thank you.

Each year the mantle of running the event gets passed from one generation of fencing parents to another. We encourage you to get involved and help in any way you can. It is a rewarding experience with some truly wonderful people. Join us at the next booster club meeting to see where your talents could help out.

For parents of novice fencers Novice Fencing Tournament Primer

See the page for 2017 Novice Tournament Volunteering  to volunteer or donate.

See the Novice Tournament Awards page for previous winners.


Finally, some images of previous days