Fencing Warm-Ups and Spirit Wear

This year we are excited to get new warm-ups and other gear for the fencing season with a new and revised GHS fencing logo that includes the grizzly bear!  We have set up a store through Guilford Sporting Goods (GSG) to order new warm-ups and other optional GHS fencing team spirit wear! Click on the link https://www.agpestores.com/gsg/groups.php and use the password “Fencing” to get into the store.

We are asking all members of the GHS Fencing Team to purchase a new warm-up jacket this year.  We are also encouraging you to purchase new warm-up pants.  If you’d rather not buy the pants, you can use your own black warm-up pants.  Again, we want ALL members of the team to have a new jacket.  If purchasing a new warm-up jacket is a financial burden, please let Coach Bowers know and the Booster Club will be able to help out.

If you are unsure of the size jacket and pants you’ll need, GSG has samples available for you to try on.  Go down to GSG anytime they are open and let them know you are from the fencing team.  They also have samples of most other items if you’d like to see them.

Besides the warm-ups, all other gear is optional and available for anyone!  This includes you, your parents, siblings, friends, etc.  (FYI, this is not a fundraiser, but just a chance for us to buy new spirit wear with the new GHS grizzly logo and fencing weapons).

This store will be opened twice, now until November 1st all RETURNING FENCERS should order at least a warm-up jacket and any other gear they or their family/friends want.  The gear will be available to pick up at GSG right before Thanksgiving so you can have it for the start of the season.

The store will be open again from December 1st through December 8th for all NEW FENCERS (and any returning fencers who want more items).  We highly encourage new fencers to wait until December 1st since we will be having tryouts and will probably be making some cuts to the incoming team.