Guilford Fencing Tryouts

Tryouts for new fencers (foil, epee and saber) will be held at 3:30pm on Nov 29 ā€“ Dec 1 at Guilford High School.

Students need to sign up and be cleared with FamilyID prior to tryouts.  This includes having an up-to-date physical exam and IMPACT testing.  Any questions on FamilyID should be directed to the athletic office.  Students also should sign up for the GHS Fencing Google Classroom and fill out a survey prior to the start of the season.

The team will be announced by the end of tryouts on December 1st, and practice for all fencers will begin on December 2nd.  New fencers will be told which weapon they will be fencing and will need to purchase a mask, glove, and chest protector.  Purchasing info will be given out immediately after the team is announced.

Students trying out do no need to have prior fencing experience.  During tryouts we will be looking for students’ responsibility, motivation, sportsmanship, coachability, athleticism, and fencing potential.